Saturday, May 9, 2020

Trump: 'Transition to greatness' In U.S. Economy Has Begun; Lawmakers Urge Trump EO Moving Drug Mfg Out of China, and Other Coronavirus Updates

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President Trump said the U.S. must start its economy “all over again” Friday as the unemployment rate from the coronavirus crisis rose to the highest level since the Great Depression.
“It’s going to be a transition to greatness,” the president said during a discussion at the White House with 19 House Republican lawmakers. “We are in a position where we have to start all over again. We’re going to build it back fast.”
The government reported Friday that the jobless rate rose in April to 14.7%, as more than 33 million people were thrown out of work in seven weeks. In February, the unemployment rate was 3.5%.
Mr. Trump noted that 2020 was the year analysts forecast that China, where the coronavirus originated, would overtake the U.S. economy. He said he won’t allow it to happen.
“If the right person sits in this seat, it’ll never happen,” Mr. Trump said. “If the wrong person sits in this seat, it’ll happen in a period of a few years or less.”
The president also said some Democrats are deliberately resisting reopening the economy to hurt his reelection.
“I think some people don’t want it to come back for political reasons, which is sick,” Mr. Trump said.
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