Saturday, May 30, 2020

Those on Unemployment Need To Get a Job Before July Date, or Things Could Get Ugly When Funds Run Out

Many Americans who have found themselves jobless have been receiving substantial unemployment benefits thanks to coronavirus relief measures. With the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, unemployed Americans have been able to get increased jobless pay.
However, the extra money, which stands at $600 a week, will end after July 31 — with some states ending it a week sooner on July 25.
Unemployment has skyrocketed, with close to 39 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits since mid-March, according to The Associated Press.
In a way, this pandemic has created a socialist dream come true, driving people to turn to the government to take care of them.
Unfortunately for some, it will be a huge wake-up call when the socialist fairytale is over.
Many GOP lawmakers have pointed out the payout of an extra $600 per week provides an incentive for workers not to return to looking for a job and greatly hinders reopening the economy.
In fact, some business owners have said their employees were angry when told they would be able to go back to work because the unemployment benefits pay them more than their jobs.
This is a big reason Republicans are wanting to work toward ending the extra $600 payments.
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