Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Castration of a Nation

When the state pays your wages - and the sun is shining - what’s the rush to get back to "normal"?
Sometimes I think I need to read this in black and white to actually believe it might be true.
A quarter of the British workforce is sitting at home in its pajamas receiving 80% of its pay, up to a maximum of £2,500 ($3,000) a month, guaranteed by the government until the end of June.
A similar scheme has been put in place for the self-employed.
The prime minister's official spokesman said: "Since the launch, 800,000 employers have used the Job Retention Scheme to furlough 6.3 million jobs. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) estimated that the scheme would cost the Treasury a total £39bn."
This incredibly over-generous scheme by the British government was grasped at hungrily by big business eager to retain labor without any of the costs.
Even small- and medium-sized business owners, usually reluctant to turn to the state for support and with resilience built into their models, caved to the scheme. It was simply too generous to refuse. The state now holds their employees in its warm embrace, just as with all the rest.
As for the employees, most have been delighted, and with good reason. In their minds, government money is free money, the invisible golden goose in the sky is laying golden eggs to pay for them to stay-cation with their family.
Prohibited from working under the furlough scheme, the need to do any work at all, or to feel any kind of guilt about taking money for doing nothing, has been completely absent from these sedentary fools.
They fail to see that what they are actually gobbling up, along with their takeaways and Netflix box sets, is almost as much cash as it costs to fund our NHS (National Health Service) on a monthly basis.
Talk to any head teacher or NHS manager and they will tell you the same woeful story of "key-workers," fearful of being asked to work through the lockdown while others sit at home, self-isolating on day one due to "a vulnerable adult at home" showing "symptoms." Give many the opportunity to do nothing without penalty, and that is exactly what they will do.
As one furloughed gentleman said as he sat in the sun in his garden, and I quote: "I retire in twelve months; if they want to pay me to sit here and sunbathe for the rest of that time, I couldn’t give a sh*t."
This scheme needs to end. And fast. Until the government puts a stop to the furlough scheme and gives people an incentive to work again, many of those in the public sector will not.
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