Monday, May 18, 2020

President Trump Must Veto Bailouts for States That Suspend Our Liberty

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We already know that both parties will continue bankrupting us and trillions will turn into quadrillions. But with Republicans in charge of the veto pen and the Senate, when they inevitably throw endless cash at the states, they must enforce the Constitution through that funding and prohibit the infringement of our constitutional rights.
Trump should pre-emptively draw a line in the sand by threatening to veto any state funding bill that does not contain the following provisions:
  • Ban on coronavirus fascism: While states have the latitude to engage in dumb policies of closing public beaches and parks, they do not have the power to infringe upon individual rights, such as freedom of movement and freedom to open a business. Any bailout funding must condition the funding on the permanent suspension of any ill-gotten powers of governors and county officials to categorically shut down businesses and churches without due process and restrict movement of individuals driving or walking. These are core liberties protected by the Bill of Rights and enforced against the states by Congress under Section 5 of the 14th 
  • Ban on contact tracing outside nursing homes: We don’t need a police state to contact-trace every American after this virus has already spread to millions of people. Condition any funding to the prohibition of contact tracing outside of nursing home settings. 
  • Ban the use of drones to spy on people: No funding shall be used by state or local law enforcement to use spy drones to enforce coronavirus fascism. If there is a “right to privacy” to kill one’s baby, as the Supreme Court ruled, then there is a right to privacy to live in your home or walk the street without being spied on by government.
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