Tuesday, May 12, 2020

President Trump Hands Responsibility for Testing to States; Considering Mandating Testing to Nursing Homes and Other Coronavirus Updates

President Trump this afternoon announced the distribution of $11 billion so that states can ramp up testing and contact tracing of coronavirus cases as he signals a new phase in the pandemic response.
Testing has proven to be one of the most contentious parts of his government’s handling of the crisis.
At a Rose Garden briefing Monday, Trump effectively handed over responsibility to governors.
A senior administration official said federal agencies had been working closely with states to set out their targets for May.
“You’ll notice some of the governors who have been a little hostile to the administration — now all of a sudden, they are saying, ‘Oh, we are figuring out how to do testing,’” he said.
LINK: 'Important thing to do': Trump considering 
mandating coronavirus testing in all nursing homes
"It’s not a miracle. It's not that all of a sudden they’ve figured it out. It’s that we’ve held their hand, and we’ve helped them get the supplies they need," he added. “And we’ve explained to them how to do it. Now, a lot of them are starting to take credit.”
He said best practices are being shared with states to help them implement surveillance testing to detect asymptomatic spread before outbreaks run out of control.
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