Monday, May 4, 2020

Don't Let Liberal Governors Rip Us Off

Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images
The stage is set for the next congressional food fight — a battle over a phase-four stimulus package aimed at relieving state and local governments.
Truly they have both suffered from sharply declining revenues as business life closed down and patients piled up at their hospitals. Nobody should begrudge them the funds to make them whole.
But in most liberal states (e.g. Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan and New York) the coronavirus deficit comes on top of the regular state budget shortfall that surfaces each year.
For years, particularly after the open-handed Obama administration left office, these states have papered over their deficits by borrowing and other fiscal gimmicks.
Rolling them over from year to year, the snowball has gotten quite large as it has rolled down the Capitol Hills of the northeastern states — so large that now the states’ hungry eyes focus on Washington, hoping to slip in a subsidy of their routine annual deficits into a coronavirus relief bill.
Now, House Democrats are leading the chorus for aid to deserving states.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo even asked that we change the moniker of such aid from “subsidy to state and local governments” to “money for police, nurses, firefighters and the like.”
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