Sunday, April 5, 2020

‘There will be death’: President Trump warns of ‘toughest week’ ahead

Patrick Semansky/AP Photo
The president told the country to brace for the coming apex of the coronavirus outbreak.
President Donald Trump on Saturday warned that America's "toughest week" of the coronavirus crisis is coming up, predicting "there will be death" as the number of Covid-19 cases surges in the days ahead.
The president said he was committed to supplying hotspots around the country with medical supplies needed to combat the outbreak, noting that the federal government has agreed to handle infected patients at field hospitals in Dallas, New Orleans and New York.
"We will move heaven and earth to safeguard our great American citizens," Trump said. He announced that New York would receive "about a thousand military people -- nurses, doctors, lots of other people because that's what they need,” while thousands of other military personnel would soon be dispatched elsewhere in the U.S. to assist the government.
“They're going into war,” Trump said. "They're going into a battle that they've never really trained for."
But the president also signaled his growing impatience with the stringent social distancing measures states had put in place around the country, which have sent the economy spiraling rapidly downward. Following an afternoon call with professional sports league officials, Trump said he wants "fans back in the arenas" as soon as possible.
"We have to open our country again," Trump said. "We have to open our country again. We don't want to be doing this for months and months and months."
More than 8,000 Americans are already dead. Government forecasts predict 100,000 to 240,000 residents could succumb to the disease, only if the public adheres to social distancing guidelines for weeks. Even as Trump continued to express hope for a rapid economic re-opening, he told Americans to expect a death toll that could easily eclipse losses during the Vietnam War.
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