Friday, April 3, 2020

Ted Cruz raises prospect of coronavirus escaping accidentally from lab in China

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Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Wednesday raised the prospect that the coronavirus pandemic might have originated from a lab in China with the virus being let loose accidentally.
Mr. Cruz had shared an article in The Washington Times on social media about research on viruses being conducted just miles from an open “wet market” in Wuhan believed to be the origin point of the COVID-19 outbreak.
“We know that at that facility, they were researching highly, highly infectious diseases including coronaviruses - including coronaviruses that [derive] from bats,” Mr. Cruz said on Fox Business Network. “And so they’re researching the exact same type of disease that became this pandemic.”
LINK: Chinese researchers isolated deadly bat 
coronaviruses near Wuhan animal market
“There is a very natural question to ask of well, did somebody make a mistake? Were they studying this virus and did it escape accidentally, and is that part of why the communist government in China tried so hard to cover this up?” Mr. Cruz said.
He said what seems “plausible, if not likely” is that the virus was being studied at the lab. 
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