Friday, May 1, 2020

President Trump Outlines Initiatives to Protect Nursing Homes; Pins Economic Misery on China, and Other Coronavirus Updates

President Trump on Thursday outlined a handful of new initiatives intended to aid and protect nursing homes as the coronavirus pandemic takes a heavy toll on older Americans.
Trump announced the creation of a commission focused on safety in nursing homes composed of industry experts, patient advocates and state and local officials. The group will meet in May and issue recommendations for steps to protect seniors.
The administration will allocate $81 million in congressional funding toward increased inspections of nursing homes to ensure they are complying with infectious disease protocols, the president said.
The federal government will also require nursing homes to report information about coronavirus cases to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"My administration will never waver in its relentless commitment to America’s seniors," Trump said. "We owe them a sacred and unbreakable obligation, and we will fulfill that obligation with every resource and power that we have.”
The coronavirus has ravaged nursing homes and elder care facilities, where many residents have weakened immune systems and are already susceptible to the disease. Nursing homes have been closed to visitors to slow the spread of the virus, and federal guidelines call for visits to remain prohibited until states have seen the number of cases decline for several weeks.
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