Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Joe Biden Needs Women

Wanted: Strong, feminist gold-digging woman waiting for Biden to die.
oe Biden has been chasing women all his life. The lucky ones were able to run for it. The unlucky ones had to stand up on the stage while he kissed them, sniffed their hair, or groped them in front of their husbands and fathers. And they had to keep quiet so as not to ruin their chances in politics.
Shyness has never been one of Joe’s problems. He tracked down his current wife, a college senior, after he saw a modeling photo of her on a bus shelter. He became infamous for swimming nude in front of female secret service agents. But at 77, he has never needed women as much as he does now.
60% of the Democrat electorate is female. Many of them are black.
That’s why everyone who is anyone in politics is telling Biden to find a black woman. Or a woman. And back in the gloomy Bidenbunker in Wilmington where the crooked hack sits in his basement rec room, taping a confused podcast and rambling on CNN, there are entire binders full of women for Joe.
The media has been happy to play political dating service for the creepy guy in the basement.
"Joe Biden said he would pick a woman VP," the Boston Globe's op-ed section clamors. "Stacey Abrams should be that woman."
"Why Joe Biden should pick one of these two black women as his vice president," the Daily Beast belabors.
But then it gets confusing.
"Joe Biden vowed to pick a woman for vice president. Why not a Latina?" argues NBC News.
Why not a black Latina? Or a man? Wait, let’s not get crazy here.
“Warren: If Biden asked me to be VP, I would say yes,” quotes The Hill.
Senator Elizabeth Warren might try to pass herself off as Latino, but the mind quails at any attempt to remake Warren as a black woman. Some doors shouldn’t be opened. They should be welded shut.
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