Friday, May 1, 2020

GOP Needs A Trump Victory In November To Retain Senate Control

Since Republicans took control of the United States Senate following the 2014 elections, their hold has been tenuous. While they didn’t lose the Senate in 2016 as was widely predicted, they did slip to having just 51 senators in 2017. Response to Democratic mistreatment of Brett Kavanaugh and his confirmation battle helped Republicans pick up a few seats in 2018. They currently have 53 members in their caucus and face another tough election year.
“The sense is that, no matter what else happens, we’ve got to hold the Senate majority. And it’s not a given. There’s just a broad front to defend, and it’s going to take a lot of resources and a lot of hard work to do it,” Steven Law of Senate Leadership Fund told Politico reporter James Arkin in a recent story.
If Trump loses, Democrats would almost certainly be in control of the Senate. It is past time — several years past time, that is — for Republican leaders to understand that their fate rises and falls with Trump’s success.
Guy Benson correctly noted that it would be crazy to assume the situation is safe for Republicans.
Politico’s Arkin says that Democrats’ “path to majority” is through Arizona, Colorado, Maine and North Carolina, with money and energy also being invested in Iowa, Montana, and Kansas.
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