Thursday, April 2, 2020

After all this, can we at least socially distance from China?

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Imagine living several weeks after 9/11 in 2001 and observing no effort whatsoever to ban box cutters on airplanes. That is exactly what is happening today in Congress, where lawmakers have done everything except address the root cause of how this virus was brought into our country in the first place.
The U.S. and Italy were the first countries to suspend flights from China at the end of January. That was already over two months after this began and well after one month after this plague had become evident to our governments. How is there no effort to require in law that our government cut off visas and travel from countries with viral outbreaks the minute our government intel sources learn about them? Shouldn’t this be the first thing we do?
In their desire to troll the world, the Chinese communists are now shutting off travel from other countries under the laughable premise of containing the virus. “In view of the rapid spread of the new coronavirus epidemic worldwide, China has decided to temporarily suspend entry of foreigners with currently valid visas and residence permits in China,” announced the communist government’s foreign ministry.
How is it that we have no plan of our own to decrease and eliminate our connection to and dependence on China? Why are we not engaging in geopolitical social distancing from the actual source of many of the recent viruses, which undoubtedly, with the habit of eating strange animals, will be the source of future viruses as well? Are we really going to continue bringing in hundreds of thousands of Chinese students between semesters during the flu and pneumonia season next January? Are we going to continue issuing 80,000 green cards per year to Chinese nationals?
This virus was brought in through irresponsible travel from China throughout January. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo admitted himself that the reason New York was hit harder than anywhere else is because of the inflow from China.
He explained on Wednesday that the reason New York has it the worst is “Because we welcome people from across the globe.”
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