Friday, March 20, 2020

The Indecency of Joe Biden

Decent people don’t go around telling other people to call them decent. That’s what crooks do.
Quick, when I say “Joe Biden”, you say, “decency”.
"Vote for decency, vote for dignity," Senator Amy Klobuchar said in her endorsement of Biden.
Biden, Senator Kamala Harris, claimed in her endorsement, would, "restore truth, honor, and decency."
Michael Bloomberg endorsed Biden, arguing that he possesses, “decency, honesty and commitment."
Pete Buttigieg hailed Biden’s, “fundamental decency”, which he mentioned three times on MSNBC.
"Joe Biden is decent. He’s kind. He’s caring. He’s empathetic," insisted Beto O'Rourke.
These were obviously coincidences. There's no reason to think that Tom Perez had been working Amy, Beto, Pete, Kamala, and Michael over with a wet towel and talking points in the basement of the DNC.
If you doubt that, here's more of the decency parade.
Susan Rice, a woman who once had decency droned, endorsed Biden's "compassion and decency". As did her former colleague, Samantha Power, praising Biden's, "empathy and decency". As did James Comey, “restore decency, dignity to the office”, John Kerry, “his ability to persevere, his decency”, and David Axelrod, “character, empathy, decency”. And David Axelrod, a sleazebag who dragged Obama to the White House by exposing his political opponent’s private divorce records, knows all about decency.
"Biden is one of the most honest, decent, practical, & experienced individuals with whom I have ever worked," gushed John Brennan.
Since Brennan, a former CIA director now works for NBC News, that’s probably true, if not high praise.
Virtually every Democrat member of the House and Senate, institutions that are universally hailed as decent, virtuous, and honest, who endorsed Biden cited his incredibly mind-blowing “decency”. And then went on to praise him as “the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being.”
Decent people don’t go around telling other people to call them decent. That’s what crooks do.
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