Tuesday, March 24, 2020

President Trump tells Senate to stop playing 'partisan politics,' hopes coronavirus guidelines won’t last for ‘months’

President Trump demanded on Monday that the Senate “stop playing partisan politics” and pass a massive stimulus bill meant to jumpstart a flagging economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic, while saying he hopes the administration's guidelines on social distancing will end soon and not go on for "months."
“They must pass the Senate bill as written and stop playing partisan politics,” Trump said during an evening news conference with the White House coronavirus task force. “They have to make a deal.”
He added: “This should not be a time for political agendas."
Trump struck a much more somber tone than some of his previous press conferences on the outbreak, admitting that the numbers of people infected are going to rise. He did say, however, that he was optimistic that the country could begin opening up again in weeks, not months.
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"I’m not looking at months," he said. "This is going away. We’re going to win the battle."
During the lengthy press conference, the president -- who recently tested negative for the virus -- revealed that first lady Melania Trump has also been tested and the results came back negative. Also during the briefing, taskforce member Dr. Deborah Birx revealed she had a low-grade fever over the weekend and tested negative, too.
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