Saturday, March 7, 2020

President Trump Rejects Lindsey Graham’s Push for DACA Amnesty ... at least For Now

Drew Angerer/Getty
President Donald Trump and a group of GOP senators quickly rejected a DACA amnesty deal pushed by Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday afternoon – but left the door open to future negotiations.
They will now wait until after the Supreme Court decides on the legality of Barack Obama’s work permit giveaway to 800,000 younger illegals, says multiple media reports.
The quick amnesty pitch by Graham (R-SC) was rejected when GOP Senators urged Trump to wait until the court releases its decision, due by June. The court’s decision may give Trump more leverage as he tries to get an immigration reform deal from Democrats, a GOP source told Breitbart News.
Politico reported:
Trump told Republican senators at the White House Thursday that he will punt on a proposal until after an upcoming Supreme Court ruling that could overturn the temporary protections for Dreamers the Obama administration implemented, known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
Graham used Politico to spin Trump’s rejection as a win for his pro-employer, cheap-labor policies. He told Politico:
“The take away for me is if the court rules in the president’s favor, we’re not going to allow these folks to have their lives turned upside down, but we will try to put together a package that protects the DACA population,” Graham said, adding the package will also address “how the system is so broken.”
Fox News reported also reported Graham’s spin: --->
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