Friday, March 6, 2020

President Trump Must Reject RINOs on Immigration, Double Down on 2016's Winning Strategy

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
It’s hard to be a conservative and not revel in the chaos that the dominance of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is causing in the Democratic Party presidential primaries, as the establishment works to reject the party’s populist choice similar to what the Republicans tried to do to Donald Trump in 2016.
Like with the Republicans in 2016, it will be difficult for the Democratic elites to reject the people’s choice. Sanders’ lead is demonstrable, perhaps even insurmountable, with all of the momentum accumulated behind him, as his competitors dilute the vote of waning moderate and conservative voters among Democrats.
Every poll released shows Sanders with a bigger lead than the last, and he is one victory in South Carolina away from running away with the nomination. The best bet for the Democratic establishment may be to rip delegates from him during a convention coup, which may mean blood in the Milwaukee streets.
Conservatives can scoff at the news that Democrats believe that Sanders is the candidate most likely to unseat President Trump in November, but after closely examining Sanders’ coalition, it’s not far-fetched at all.
While Sanders’ supporters are often stereotyped as lily-white leftists densely packed around college campuses in places like Portland, Seattle or Berkeley, that is far from the truth, as Sanders’ base is stronger and much more diverse than his opponents are willing to admit.
To the largely Hispanic immigrants who now populate the country in record numbers, Sanders’ far-left beliefs do not sound crazy. They sound moderate in comparison to the politics in the nations from which they have escaped.
Although they left those countries, their cultural values did not change as soon as they placed their feet on the magical dirt in the land of the free. They may see America as the land of milk and honey, but the milk and honey are to be extracted from the former majority to the rising soon-to-be majority through the political process.
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