Sunday, March 22, 2020

Graham, admin officials pushing for MORE visas from China … during the China virus

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George Orwell’s books are boring compared to the perfidious irony inherent in our government’s response to the China virus.
At a time when we need to shut off all immigration to deal with the concerns of Americans, Jared Kushner and Sen. Lindsey Graham are pushing for more immigration.
At a time when Americans are going to be desperate for every job available, these same players are pushing for more visas for foreign workers.
At a time when we need to engage in social distancing and decoupling from China, the source of this outbreak, they are pushing for a 650 percent increase in visas that will enable Chinese nationals not only to get green cards, but to own more of our land and businesses through “investor visas.”
A 650% increase in Chinese “investor visas”
EB-5 visas were created by Congress in 1990 with the intention of drawing entrepreneurs to America. The idea sounded nice on paper. It offered 10,000 green cards a year to those who invested at least $500,000 in America, creating at least 10 jobs. Yet, in reality, tethering a green card to wealthy, well-connected foreign donors with ties to their home governments has created corruption and cronyism for one particular country.
EB-5 benefits Chinese interests and parochial interests of big-city real estate moguls in America … like Jared Kushner. A business colleague of Kushner’s has even been charged in an EB-5 fraud lawsuit. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has launched an EB-5-related probe into the Kushner family real estate firm.
The Chinese government has gamed out the system and has monopolized these visas the same way India has monopolized H-1B visas. This is a double whammy. It allows China to insert more agents into our country and also continue to buy up more of our land and businesses, making us even more dependent on China at a time when we are trying to curb its influence. As former Rep. John Bryant, D-Texas, once said on the House floor, “Have we no self-respect as a nation? Are we so broke we have to sell our birthright?”
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