Tuesday, March 3, 2020

‘Further Confirms What We Have Said’: Internal Audit Finds Sanctuary Cities Are Affecting ICE’s Work

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement leaders are flagging an internal audit that found the rise of sanctuary jurisdictions is negatively affecting how the agency apprehends and deports criminal illegal aliens.
The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General released its internal audit of ICE’s Criminal Alien Program (CAP) earlier in February, concluding that the agency is more successful at catching criminal illegal aliens when law enforcement agencies work together. Matthew Albence, the acting director of the agency, said ICE has been repeating this fact for a long time.
“This report further confirms what we have said for years: our communities are safer when law enforcement works together to take criminal aliens off the streets. It is safer and more effective for ICE to take custody of criminal aliens in the secure confines of a local jail, as opposed to pursuing them while they are at-large,” Albence said in a prepared statement Tuesday.
“These efforts require significantly more time and resources, and worst of all, while we’re still out looking for these criminals, many of these criminals commit further crimes, further victimizing the very communities these uncooperative jurisdictions are purporting to protect,” he continued.
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The lack of cooperation largely centers around the response to ICE detainer requests.
When a local law enforcement officer arrests and fingerprints an illegal alien, that information is typically sent to the FBI, which is then automatically cross-referenced with databases in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), notifying ICE of a potentially deportable alien. The agency will then send that law enforcement agency a detainer request, asking to hold that individual until an agent can arrive and assume custody.
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