Thursday, March 26, 2020

'Common vision': Sanders' victory materializes in Biden's lunge to left

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
Avowed socialist Bernard Sanders may be losing the Democratic presidential race, but the senator from Vermont has won the ideological war.
Look no further than the party’s presumed nominee, Joseph R. Biden.
The former vice president seems to have turned the corner in the presidential race and headed into the homestretch armed with a series of Sanders-style talking points and policy positions that were viewed as too extreme just a few years ago.
“Without a doubt, Vice President Biden is sounding more Sanders-esque — like all the other candidates did,” said Kerri Evelyn Harris, a liberal activist from Delaware. “People have piggybacked off of his health care, education, criminal justice, the Green New Deal. You name it, people have taken his position and tweaked it a little bit to make it their own.”
Indeed, Mr. Biden adopted some of the Sanders proposals for tuition-free college and the plan of Sanders acolyte Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts to make bankruptcy laws more consumer-friendly.
Where Mr. Biden falls short of the Sanders measuring stick on single-payer health care or get-tough climate change policies, polls show most Democratic voters back Mr. Sanders’ position even if they cast their primary vote for the former vice president.
Mr. Sanders’ presidential odyssey began in late April of 2015 when he announced his run for the Democratic nomination in a race most believed was the inevitable coronation of Hillary Clinton.
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