Saturday, March 14, 2020

Coming Attractions? Europe Under Siege

Barbarians are storming the gates, but Europeans still won’t pull in the welcome mat.
In 1683 a massive army of the Ottoman Empire laid siege to the Christian city of Vienna. After two months, an allied force that consisted of men from all over the Holy Roman Empire and from other central European states, including Hungary, and that was led by John III Sobieski, the King of Poland and Lithuania, turned the Ottoman soldiers back, preventing the potential Islamization of the continent.
In recent days, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of the Ottoman Empire’s successor state, Turkey, has unleashed thousands of Muslims, mostly young males of military age, upon the European Union, today’s not-so-holy but increasingly imperial reincarnation of the Holy Roman Empire. More specifically, Erdogan, in violation of an agreement with the EU that netted him billions, has allowed – and encouraged – these people, who have been routinely described in the Western media as “refugees” and “migrants,” to storm the border separating his country from the EU’s southeasternmost satrapy, Greece. Indeed, he’s lent them active support, providing many of them with free transport to the border, which they’ve attacked with rocks, “makeshift battering rams,” and tear-gas canisters (supplied by Ergodan) while setting fires and shouting “Allahu akbar!” Photos taken at the border underscore just how perverse it is to call these thugs “refugees” or “migrants.”
Seems like old times. What’s different this time around is that whereas seventeenth-century Europeans understood that they were confronting, in the Islamic invaders of their day, an existential threat to their way of life, many of their descendants don’t seem to have a clue about what they’re dealing with. On Tuesday of last week, and again on Saturday, thousands of Germans, rallying in Berlin and other cities, demanded that the “migrants” on the Greek borders be allowed to pour into the continent and to find their way to Germany, if they wish, so that they can help form “a solidarity society” in which there will be “no more suffering.”
The youth division (CUF) of the Swedish Center Party sent out a similar message, calling on Europeans to “Open your hearts – and your borders” and let the hustling hordes “come here and become part of our society.” In the Swedish cities of Gothenburg (last Wednesday) and Stockholm (Friday), crowds gathered in support of open borders; the latter demo was organized by the group Feminist Initiative, which, in a show of goodwill, has apparently decided to overlook the tendency of Muslim male arrivals to treat their own wives like chattel and treat Swedish women like sex dolls.
It was only five years ago that German chancellor Angela Merkel made the fateful decision to allow into her country tens of thousands of Muslims who were said to be Syrian refugees. Then as now, the Western world’s mainstream media distributed images of suffering women and children (not a few of which were staged). Ultimately, it turned out that the overwhelming majority of the “migrants” were not Syrian families fleeing war but, yes, young males of military age from all over the Muslim world. Nonetheless Merkel’s action was applauded by many of her country’s citizens, who, desperate as ever to prove that they aren’t Nazis, gathered at railroad stations to welcome these aspiring malefactors and welfare recipients with hugs and kisses.
One consequence of Merkel’s irresponsible move was that upwards of a thousand German women were sexually assaulted by their colorful and exotic new countrymen while celebrating New Year’s Eve 2015-16 in the central squares of Cologne and several other major cities. That was a particularly tough night, but hardly a brand-new phenomenon in a continent where the last few decades of Muslim immigration have led to an ever-rising incidence of violent crimes and to drastic funding cuts in everything from education to health care in order to feed, clothe, and house the restive, and not especially appreciative, denizens of ever-expanding sharia enclaves.
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