Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Before Dems Try to Get Cuomo to the White House, They Might Remember He Caused the Last Recession

Governor Andrew Cuomo had his eye on the White House a decade ago. And he seemed to be off to a good start.
The former Clinton administration member got his daddy's old job in Albany through a legendary stealth campaign against a blind black governor, waged covertly through the media, and by the time the job was done, the media was begging Cuomo to take the job.
But, oddly, Cuomo seemed to have forgotten that the governorship is a thankless job and not a path to the White House.
New York governors have limited executive authority, a lot of headaches, and very little positive feedback. Cuomo's main selling point was that, unlike his predecessors, he didn't melt down in a spectacular way. He just took the job and got old doing it.
New York is still badly mismanaged, but Cuomo didn't have a Spitzer-sized scandal. But he had no path to the White House.
The old master plan that was supposed to take Cuomo from Albany back to D.C. had stalled. And then the Wuhan Virus arrived and suddenly there's talk of taking Cuomo, an obnoxious, graceless, and crooked pol, as the new Dem nominee.
But there's a minor little detail everyone forgot about. --->
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