Saturday, March 21, 2020

As ordinary citizen life grinds to halt, government still flying in refugees from around the world

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Just how much of a religion is open-borders immigration? Evidently refugee resettlement from around the world, at least as of last week, was continuing.
The great American shutdown has grown so severe that in my community, all funerals have been canceled. Graveside funerals are the only way to bury our dead. New Jersey has already instituted a curfew with business closures at 8:00 p.m. One would think that shutting off international travel and immigration – the very first line of defense that directly addresses the source of importing diseases – would have long been shut down before we begin infringing upon domestic liberties. Not so. If this country shuts down completely, mass migration will continue, at least on some level.
It’s now self-evident that had we shut off international travel earlier and had we suspended all immigration, visas, and travel from China and Iran in December, this problem would be much more manageable. Yet, in Orwellian fashion, it looks like elements of immigration might be the last activity standing in this county. Ann Corcoran of the Refugee Resettlement Blog observes today that, at least as of last week, the State Department was bringing in refugees at the same clip as before and the Office of Refugee Resettlement was still settling them in our communities.
According to Corcoran, 1,768 refugees arrived in the U.S. between February 15 and yesterday. She noted that 488 have arrived even over the last seven days; 109 were brought in on Thursday. Those numbers might not sound like a lot, but remember Trump had already curtailed the numbers in general. One has to wonder if we’d continue the normal pace had Trump not reduced the numbers for other reasons. The existing pace has not slowed down at all.
A search of the State Department database shows the following countries as the largest sources of refugees over the past 30 days: Congo (728) followed by Ukraine (278), Burma(136), Iraq, (130) and Pakistan (50).
Shockingly, Washington state is the second most common destination of resettlement over the past month. That is the hardest-hit state by coronavirus, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the national fatalities from the virus.
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