Saturday, February 22, 2020

President Trump Begins Counterattack on Sanctuary Cities

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With the recent federal lawsuits filed against California, New Jersey, and King County, Washington, the Trump administration has finally launched a fierce counterattack against the sanctuary movement. States and local jurisdictions that provide a safe haven for dangerous criminal aliens and obstruct federal immigration enforcement are on notice.
Until now, the administration has been largely on the defensive against the multiple efforts to stop its enforcement policies. That includes litigation over everything from the so-called travel ban to the use of Department of Defense military construction funds to help build a secure southern border wall.
Several federal district court judges have issued injunctions in opinions that often read more like political tracts than thoughtful legal analysis, although the administration has triumphed in most of these cases and the injunctions have been dissolved when they got to a higher court.
The “travel ban,” for example, is in place today because the U.S. Supreme Court held that the president was acting well within his authority when he suspended the entry of aliens from certain terrorist nations. The Supreme Court and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals have also temporarily stayed separate injunctions that were preventing the use of DOD funds for the wall.
The administration’s lawsuit against New Jersey charges that the state is violating the Supremacy Clause of Article IV of the Constitution and federal immigration law by forbidding state officials from sharing information with the Department of Homeland Security on illegal aliens who have been arrested or are serving time in local jails and state prisons.
The state also refuses to honor detainer warrants issued by DHS and requires prison officials to “promptly” notify criminal aliens in custody that a detainer warrant has been issued and that immigration agents are after them.
These actions by New Jersey, according to the complaint, force DHS agents “to engage in difficult and dangerous efforts to re-arrest aliens who previously were in state custody, and endangering immigration officers, the aliens at issue, and others who may be nearby.” This has resulted in criminal aliens being released by New Jersey “who were convicted or charged with crimes including fraud, terroristic threats, and invasion of privacy.”
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