Saturday, February 15, 2020

MS-13 members suspected in murder of witness after NY bail ‘reform’ law forced disclosure of witness address

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Not only have numerous people been murdered or maimed as a result of violent criminals being released without bail in New York, there is now the first casualty from the other horrible provision of the jailbreak law.
On Wednesday, 36-year-old Wilmer Maldonado was found bludgeoned to death behind an abandoned home in Nassau County, Long Island. Who was Maldanado? A victim of and a witness to a heinous MS-13 gang beating that local police now believe got him killed. Why? Because thanks to the new bail law, not only are violent gangsters out on the streets, their defense lawyers have almost instant access to the contact information and identities of the victims and witnesses.
As the New York Post reports, it’s almost a certainty that this new law got Maldanado killed, because he had lived safely for over a year since the initial attack. He was a witness to a pack of nine MS-13 gang members beating two boys in October 2018, when he intervened and was himself severely beaten by the group. His identity was protected until December 2019 by a court-issued protective order. But pursuant to the new law, at that time, his information was turned over to the MS-13 suspects’ defense. Now he’s dead.
“This man is dead because we didn’t do enough … and this law is not helping us,” lamented Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder at a press conference. Although police have no definitive proof yet that the information was directly passed on from the lawyer to the suspects, Ryder said there was intimidation of the witness leading up to his death, including an attempted beating just one day before he was found murdered.
This is criminal justice “reform” laid bare before our eyes. There’s nothing progressive, enlightened, or reform-minded about it. It’s a perverted movement that weights criminal rights well beyond those of innocent victims, and its results are barbaric.
Any prosecutor will tell you that part of the reason why, contrary to the premise of the political elites, we have an under-conviction problem is because it’s so hard to get witnesses and victims to testify. Witness intimidation is already a growing problem. Yet 100 percent of the criminal justice “reforms” are about strengthening criminal rights instead of victim rights.
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