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Criminal alien who avoided deportation now accused of smothering 22 elderly women in Texas

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It should be the crime story of the year, or even the century. An illegal alien who wound up getting a green card was convicted of a crime that should have gotten him deported. But among the millions of criminal aliens who are allowed to remain in the country, Billy Chemirmir was not removed. He is now accused of smothering to death at least 22 women in their 80s and 90s in the Dallas metro area – all after he could have been deported. These murders were 100 percent preventable. Where are the outrage, congressional hearings, or even news reports on this case?
Senate Republicans looking for a legislative focus after impeachment should ask themselves what is more important than this story and the policy problems implicated in its deadly outcome. Last August I reported that Billy Chemirmir, a Kenyan national who overstayed his visa but used a controversial loophole to get a green card, is accused of smothering elderly women to death from May 2016 through March 2018.
Most of the alleged murders occurred in senior living complexes in northern Texas, and he is believed to have been motivated by his desire to steal the victims’ jewelry. Throughout the past two years, as investigators work with numerous families of seniors who died suddenly and were once thought to have died natural deaths, the suspected death toll is growing.
The Dallas Morning News reports that the number of alleged victims is now up to 22. Although he has only been indicted in 12 cases so far, there are 10 others in which he is named as the suspect in civil lawsuits. A new lawsuit accusing Preston Place in Plano of negligent security alleges that Chemirmir smothered Miriam Nelson to death on March 9, 2018, just days before he was finally arrested and his actions were discovered because one of the victims survived his attack and was able to identify him. Preston Place is the senior living complex where seven other victims have been identified. Nelson was the mother-in-law of former Dallas Cowboys safety Cliff Harris.
Billy Chemirmir(Dallas County jail )
While most of the local coverage on this story is focused on questions of malfeasance on the part of several senior living complexes, there is a much bigger story of public policy malfeasance that requires investigation by Congress and the DHS, as well as actions to rectify those problems.
The suspected death toll from this criminal alien now stands at 22, the same number as the horrific mass shooting in El Paso last year. With investigators continuing to sift through the cases of over 750 seniors who died suddenly in the area and even exhuming some bodies, the number could be even higher. After the El Paso shooting, there was a national outcry from the politicians in Texas and elsewhere to “do something.” The El Paso shooter was a first-time offender who came out of nowhere. Chemirmir, on the other hand, was a repeat foreign national offender who should have been removed from the country several times. Had our laws been followed, every one of these alleged murders could have been prevented.
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