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American workers last: WH Chief of Staff Mulvaney thinks record immigration is not enough

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Are you sick of one administration official after another calling for even more foreign labor?
The more immigration we have, the more it feeds the insatiable appetite of the crony monopolies created by government for even more cheap labor – be it farm work or entry-level white-collar jobs. This culturally gerrymanders Americans out of these jobs, as foreign labor interests work with U.S. special interests to monopolize them with immigrant workers. But it apparently will never be enough for people like White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.
The Washington Post reports that during a private speech in London, the top gun at the White House said the following. “We are desperate — desperate — for more people. We are running out of people to fuel the economic growth that we’ve had in our nation over the last four years. We need more immigrants.”
Did Hillary Clinton hack into the White House?
Amid the sudden clamor for more foreign labor, Trump returned to Phoenix, Arizona, this week for a campaign rally, the home of his famous immigration speech on August 31, 2016, when he promised to put American workers first. “While Hillary Clinton meets only with donors and lobbyists, my plan was crafted with the input from federal immigration officers, along with top immigration experts who represent workers, not corporations,” charged Trump at the 2016 rally.
In point 10 of the plan that Trump laid out that night, he said, “We will reform legal immigration to serve the best interests of America and its workers.”
Some might say he was only referring to low-skilled manual labor, not high-skilled foreign workers. However, there are two problems with this excuse.
First, the administration is pushing more low-skilled labor as forcefully as calling for more “high-skilled” labor, aka nothing more than entry-level IT and nursing jobs. The vice president and the agriculture secretary are rumored to be pushing for massive amnesty for illegal aliens working on farms and the creation of a permanent underclass of indentured servants on H2 visas that will depress wages beyond anything Trump warned on the campaign trail. Moreover, this administration has increased the existing H2 visas for low-skilled migrant workers more than any other administration – to the point that even Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., signed on to a bipartisan letter telling him to slow it down.
“Well, Americans just don’t want to do those jobs” is the typical mantra from purveyors of mass migration. The problem with that assertion is that our willing suspension of disbelief dissipates the minute these same people suddenly demand more giveaways for Indian workers in IT and nursing. Really? Americans can’t or don’t want to pursue basic white-collar jobs like that? So they don’t want blue-collar or white-collar jobs?
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