Thursday, January 23, 2020

‘Using Every Tool Available’: ICE Subpoenas Sanctuary City For Information On Wanted Illegal Aliens

REUTERS/Kate Munsch
Immigration and Customs Enforcement subpoenaed Denver officials for information on four illegal aliens wanted for deportation, marking a dramatic escalation in how the agency is dealing with sanctuary cities.
ICE subpoenaed Denver authorities for information on four illegal aliens who the city had previously arrested for violent crimes, the agency confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation. The undocumented aliens in question included three Mexican nationals and one Honduran national — all of whom had been previously deported before illegally reentering the country.
The Associated Press reported on the agency’s subpoenas Wednesday.
“On Monday, ICE issued four immigration subpoenas to the Denver Justice Center requesting information about egregious criminal aliens on whom ICE is seeking for immigration enforcement purposes. These aliens had all come into custody at the Denver Justice Center but were either released despite ICE having lodged a detainer or remain in custody,” an ICE spokesperson said to the DCNF.
Authorities arrested the four men for crimes ranging from sexual assault to child abuse. Denver released three of those men, despite an ICE detainer placed on them. The other individual is in custody but is expected to be released without being handed over to the agency, per city policy.
Courtesy Charles Reed/ICE Handout via REUTERS
The subpoenas, doled out Monday, gave Denver officials 14 days to respond to three of the cases. In one case, the city was given three days to respond with information. If Denver does not comply, ICE could hand the subpoenas over to a federal judge, who could then order local officials to hand over the information in question or find them in contempt if they fail to comply.
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