Saturday, January 4, 2020

The Second Amendment saved lives in Texas. It saves lives everywhere it’s unleashed

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Once again we see it demonstrated in real life that the most effective response to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy — or multiple good guys — ready and willing to fire back. The sooner an armed attack is met with an armed response, the sooner the attack will be over.
Sunday morning in White Settlement, Texas, a Christian worship service was plunged into horror as a man armed with a shotgun walked into a church, walked up to someone serving communion, and fired before being shot by an armed churchgoer named Jack Wilson.
Some may try to explain away the facts of the matter by pointing out that the armed response came from volunteers on the church’s security team, and therefore this doesn’t fit in with the usual narrative of the “good guy with a gun.” Such arguments ignore the fact that, prior security arrangement or not, we’re still talking about church members responding with their own guns. He was a good guy, he had a gun, he used it to save lives.
The reality is that this is another bad story for the gun control crowd. The assailant was carrying a shotgun, rather than a scary-looking semi-automatic rifle, and he was ultimately stopped by someone exercising his right to defend himself and others with deadly force. And while this is national news and a topic of debate, in context, it’s one of the estimated millions of defensive gun uses that take place every year. Plus, this all comes a couple months after a Texas law went into effect relaxing restrictions on concealed carrying in the state’s places of worship, a law that presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden criticized as “totally irrational” at the time of its enactment.
Yet no matter how many examples of this reality we’re given, some people in the gun debate still manage to convince themselves that we need to disarm the law-abiding and continue to advocate for that, no matter how many lives are spared from evil intentions by privately owned firearms in the right hands.
But to get a fuller sense of what happens when law-abiding people are restricted in their ability to defend themselves, we need only look at the struggles of of another religious community in the United States currently living under far more restrictive gun laws than those in the Lone Star State.
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