Thursday, January 9, 2020

Now 18 of 27 GOP governors are requesting refugee resettlement – without any dissent

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Shutting down the refugee resettlement scam and transformation of our communities was one of Trump’s campaign promises. Unfortunately, when it comes to the key issues that propelled Trump into office, elected Republicans side with Democrats. Nowhere is this more evident than on the issue of refugee resettlement.
Last week, I reported that, despite record illegal immigration draining resources in the states, 15 GOP governors requested refugee resettlement, after the State Department required their consent in order for contractors to begin resettling in a given jurisdiction. Now, as conservatives remain complacent in this fight, 18 GOP governors have requested resettlement:
Kim Reynolds of Iowa
Doug Ducey of Arizona
Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma
Bill Lee of Tennessee
Doug Burgum of North Dakota
Kristi Noem of South Dakota
Chris Sununu of New Hampshire
Gary Herbert of Utah
Pete Ricketts of Nebraska
Jim Justice of West Virginia
Eric Holcomb of Indiana
Phil Scott of Vermont
Charlie Baker of Massachusetts
Mike DeWine of Ohio
Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas
Mike Parsons of Missouri
Brad Little of Idaho
Larry Hogan of Maryland
As you can see, most of these governors reside in states Trump carried by overwhelming margins. That is the result of Trump voters lulled into a false sense of security that Trump alone can stop the open-borders movement. However, the other elected GOP officials have not become more Trumpian in recent years.
Not only are GOP governors consenting to refugee resettlement, but even Republican-controlled counties are lining up for the social transformation. Pursuant to Trump’s executive order, refugees cannot be settled in a given county without the consent of the county’s governing body, in addition to the governor’s overall statewide consent. While most counties have remained silent, Twin Falls County, Idaho, just sent its consent to the State Department. Trump carried this county by 46 points, the same margin by which he carried Burleigh County, North Dakota, another red county that agreed to resettle more refugees. Who needs Democrats?
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