Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Donald Trump Defends Killing Qasem Soleimani: He was a Terrorist, Not a Poet

Scott Olson/Getty Images
President Donald Trump defended his decision to take out Iran Gen. Qasem Soleimani on Monday, in a surprise call to conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh’s show.
Trump argued that both former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama should have eliminated Soleimani a long time ago, calling the Iranian general a “terrorist.”
“This should have been done for the last 15-20 years,” Trump said. “Him in particular. He was their real military leader. He’s a terrorist. He was designated as a terrorist by Obama, and then Obama did nothing about it.”
Trump noted that Soleimani was responsible for providing IEDs and anti-tank bombs to terrorists to help them target American troops in the Middle East.
“Much of that stuff was made in Iran. He should have been taken out a long time ago,” Trump said. “And we had a shot at him and we took him out, and we’re a lot safer now because of it.”
The president reassured Americans that he did the right thing and suggested that Iran would think twice before attacking American targets in the future.
“We’ll see what happens. We’ll see what the response is, if any,” he said. “But you’ve seen what I’ve said our response would be.”
Trump again criticized Obama for his “appeasement” with Iran, giving the government of Iran billions of dollars as part of the nuclear deal.
“I think that the Obama administration was just letting them get away with murder, in the true sense, murder,” he said.
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