Tuesday, December 10, 2019

While conservatives sleep, refugee contractors push to resettle refugees in every county

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Conservative media, political operations, and grassroots organizations on the Right might be paralyzed 100 percent by impeachment proceedings, but left-wing groups have not diverted an ounce of resources from their fundamental transformation agenda. In fact, as conservatives focus on an issue whose outcome is already known and about which there is nothing they can do, they are ceding an eminently winnable fight on refugee resettlement to the only men on the field: Open Borders Inc. The outcome of this one-sided fight will determine nothing less than the future of all our communities and neighborhoods. It is both the most local and most national issue of prominence that grassroots conservatives can actually influence.
In September, President Trump moved to rectify one of the most egregious manifestations of social transformation without representation by allowing the people to decide the future of their neighborhoods and refugee resettlement. While reducing the refugee intake number, the president also enacted the most enduring long-term reform that would spawn grassroots involvement in the future of society by requiring refugee resettlement agencies within government that work with “private” contractors to obtain permission from local officials and the state governor before resettling refugees in a given county. Now it’s time for conservatives to actually get on the field to fight before the Left wins the game.
Aristide Zolberg, one of the leading immigration historians of recent memory, asked the question in his scholarly book, “A Nation by Design,” how amid anti-open-borders sentiment in the country, the open-borders Left always wound up “moving [the policy] in the opposite direction.” Citing other commentators, he noted that “while public support for a reduction in legal immigration was broad, it was not well-organized. … In contrast, a liberal coalition of well-organized organized groups, including ethnic organizations, churches, and employer associations, articulated strong opposition to proposals for restricting legal immigration.”
This is exactly what is playing out with local advocacy for refugee resettlement following Trump’s requirement that local officials sign off. In some ways, Trump’s order was so beneficial for the pro-sovereignty side that it is resting on its laurels, not realizing that the Left is already 100 percent activated, while the Right is sedated on the political morphine of Trump’s presidency and all of the drama in Washington surrounding his personality, not his policies.
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