Thursday, December 12, 2019

Senate should summarily dismiss impeachment and turn to ‘impeaching’ sanctuary cities

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House Democrats will most likely vote to impeach President Trump on a strict party-line vote. Republicans control the Senate and will obviously never vote to convict the president. Senate Republicans have two choices: They can keep the news cycle all about an impeachment that’s going nowhere, or they can go on offense and kill impeachment by voting to impeach the Democrats with a very simple agenda in the upcoming budget – fund border security but not sanctuary cities that harbor illegal alien murders and sex offenders.
Just how unpopular are sanctuary cities with the American people? Let’s hear the words of a recent victim of sanctuary policies in Colorado that put a violent felon from Cuba back onto the streets.
“Why are you going to leave a person [in the United States] that is a criminal, knowing they’re a criminal?”
That was the rhetorical question asked, not by some anti-illegal immigration activist, but by Julio Cesar Banda-Estrada, an illegal alien who was himself a victim of a criminal alien released by Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Why is it so hard to make that the question of this month’s budget battle and, frankly, of the entire election? It’s so simple, even illegal aliens, who themselves are often victims of sanctuary policies, understand.
Banda-Estrada received a knock at his door in Aurora, Colorado, on November 17, and Gonzalo Gonzalez-Gomez and Osmani Garces-Ortiz allegedly barged in and stabbed him in the arm. Garces-Ortiz, an illegal alien from Cuba, was released by Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputies in October despite an ICE detainer asking that he be held, after Garces-Ortiz had been arrested for possessing drugs, criminal trespassing, and violating a protection order.
These cases happen every day in the majority of states in this country. How can we allow a budding neo-confederacy to blossom right as Congress is appropriating funding for various cities and states? Now is the time to reinforce basic federal law. If even an illegal alien can understand the insanity of protecting other countries’ criminals, why have Republicans been so tepid about picking a fight over the issue?
If Senate Republicans are looking for a counter-impeachment strategy, they should look no further than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While Trump’s personal approval remains low, Ron DeSantis has the highest approval rating of any governor, and his immigration agenda is regarded as more MAGA than Trump’s. DeSantis banned sanctuary cities and recently deputized some Florida prison guards to help enforce immigration law and ensure that no criminals from other countries ever cycle back onto Florida’s streets, like what happens in Colorado. DeSantis is now pushing mandatory E-Verify to ensure businesses can’t hire illegal alien labor.
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