Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Schumer Calls New Report A ‘Game Changer,’ Demands Witnesses At Impeachment Trial

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer is demanding that Democrats be allowed to subpoena witnesses at the impeachment trial of President Trump, citing a new report from The New York Times.
Schumer said the Times report shows that top Trump administration officials have “direct knowledge” of Trump’s decision to withhold nearly $400 million in U.S. aid to Ukraine.
“Last night The New York Times published a new story detailing the machinations President Trump and his aides took to withhold military aid from Ukraine,” the New York Democrat said in a press conference on Monday.
“This new story shows all four witnesses we Senate Democrats have requested — [acting White House chief of staff] Mick Mulvaney, [former adviser] John Bolton, [Office of Management and Budget Associate Director] Michael Duffey, and [White House aide] Robert Blair — were intimately involved and had direct knowledge of President Trump’s decision to cut off aid in order to benefit himself.”
“Simply put: in our fight to have key documents and witnesses in a Senate impeachment trial, these new revelations are a game changer,” he said. “This new reporting shows that there were serious concerns raised by Trump administration officials about the propriety and legality of what the President was doing.”
Schumer cited an old TV show as a reason why Democrats should be able to call witnesses.
“As Sergeant Joe Friday said in Dragnet, ‘Just the facts ma’am.’ That’s all we want: the facts. We don’t know how these witnesses will testify. We don’t know what the documents, if we get them…our hands on them, will say. Maybe it’ll be exculpatory of President Trump or maybe it’ll be further condemning President Trump’s actions. We don’t know! But we should see them regardless of what they say,” Schumer said.
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