Tuesday, December 31, 2019

President Trump Voted Co-'Most Admired Man' in US and That's Big Trouble for Democrats in 2020

Jeff J Mitchell - WPA Pool / Getty Images
This is the kind of news Democrats dread.
A Gallup poll released Monday found President Donald Trump tied with former President Barack Obama as the man most admired by Americans in 2019, with each man being named by 18 percent of those surveyed.
The news marked Trump’s first time in the No. 1 spot — albeit in a tie with his predecessor in the White House — and considering it came at the end of a year that saw the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, relentless attacks in the mainstream media and popular culture and impeachment hearings by the Democratic-run House of Representatives, it’s hard to see the results as anything other than good news for the White House.
But there’s even worse news for Democrats:
Only one of the country’s most admired men in 2019 is going to be on the presidential ballot come November 2020.
According to Gallup, the poll of 1,025 adults was taken Dec. 2-Dec. 15 — as the impeachment mania was reaching its height on Capitol Hill and in the mainstream media. If there was ever a time during his tumultuous term when Trump’s admiration on a national scale would be in question, that would have seemed to be it.
Obama’s presence in the top spot — his 12th consecutive appearance there — isn’t nearly as much of an accomplishment.
While it’s true he’s been out of office for three years, he continues to be the beneficiary of personality-cult level propaganda from top positions in American culture, whether in the news media or the entertainment-political complex in Hollywood.
The Trump-Obama percentages were furlongs ahead of their nearest competitor — even accounting for a 4 percent margin of error, according to Gallup.
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