Thursday, December 26, 2019

In England, Muslims Turning Christmas Into Festivus

The latest manifestation of Islamic supremacism, leaching the meaning out of Christian observances, comes from Whitehall Primary School. The outrageous story is here.
Children at a primary school have been told not to sing the word ‘Lord’ in the Christmas carol Away In A Manger – so that pupils of all beliefs can join in….
But which is more important: to allow Christian children to recognize Jesus as their “Lord,” as they have for two thousand years, or to change utterly what Jesus signifies, in order to make sure that “pupils of all beliefs can join in”? Since in the past centuries, no non-Christians – almost entirely Jews — in England have ever complained about the phrase “Lord Jesus,” what has changed things? We all know the answer: it is the swelling population of Muslims, who now feel numerous and powerful enough to demand that Christians change the essence of their religious observances to accommodate them. Thus a Muslim headmistress, determined to make her Muslim charges feel “comfortable” enough to “join in,” has ordered that “the Lord Jesus” will become “baby boy Jesus,” and “Jesus the savior” in another carol becomes “Jesus the baby,” and in yet another carol, “new King born today” becomes “a baby born today.”
Youngsters at Whitehall Primary School in Chingford, Essex, have also been told to sing edited versions of two modern hymns when they attend a carol service and nativity play at a nearby church on Tuesday.
The words ‘Jesus the saviour’ in the carol Love Shone Down have been replaced with ‘Jesus the baby’, while the words ‘new King born today’ in the carol Come And Join The Celebration have been replaced with ‘a baby born today.’
One furious mother, a former Metropolitan Police officer, said the changes were utterly unacceptable and likened it to taking ‘Christ’ out of Christmas.
Of course these changes are taking the Christ of the Christians, whom they worship as the Son of God and Savior of Mankind, out of Christmas. Now he’s just one more bouncing baby boy, who, as Ilhan Omar might say, some people think did some things.
Read the rest from Hugh Fitzgerald HERE.

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