Sunday, December 8, 2019

Idaho REPUBLICAN senator pushing bill to ‘prioritize’ more unvetted Syrian & Iraqi refugees

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The answer to any and every geopolitical problem, to the political elites in Western countries, is more mass migration from the third world. In the U.S., that position is shared not only by Democrats controlling the House but even by Senate Republicans, including Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch, R-Idaho, who hails from a state Trump carried by 32 points. The latest example is S. 2641 – the Promoting American National Security and Preventing the Resurgence of ISIS Act of 2019.
Well, with a mellifluous-sounding name like that, who could oppose such legislation? Promoting American national security? Preventing the resurgence of ISIS? Definitely!
The problem is that to all political elites in both parties, especially in the Senate, national security means the opposite of its core goal of homeland security. They believe that to promote our national security, we must get involved in every Islamic civil war overseas, and then, counterintuitively, they believe the solution is to bring in unvetted volatile Islamic tribes from all sides of the civil war to our homeland – the exact opposite of the lessons we should have learned from 9/11.
S. 2641, which has six GOP co-sponsors including Chairman Risch, is touted as a sanctions bill against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and a way of protecting the Kurds. Conservatives certainly don’t disagree that Erdogan is a problem and that now might be a good time to threaten his membership in NATO, but in the very way we should be sanctioning him, his influence on our homeland, the bill is silent. What the bill does contain, in section 202, is a provision to harm our homeland and, you guessed it, bring in more refugees. This bill is scheduled for a markup next Wednesday. 
Section 202 of the bill forces the Trump administration to “prioritize” the resettlement of Syrian Kurds and also “stateless persons who habitually resided in Syria, and other Syrians who partnered with, or worked for or directly with, the United States Government in Syria” along with all their relatives. Not only are we to override other considerations and vetting for these people our government stupidly worked with, including some very shady organizations, we are to bring in anyone “employed in Syria by”:
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