Tuesday, December 17, 2019

COMING ATTRACTIONS? Germany vs. Muslim Criminal Clans: Welcome to the tearing apart of German social fabric

It’s a story for which police have no solution.
Since the beginning of the year until last October there have been 237 police actions against mostly Muslim Arab and Kurdish criminal clans in Berlin alone. In the last one, 400 federal policemen searched clan members’ residences and business premises.
Clan criminality involves itself in Shisha-Bars, gambling offices and amusement arcades. But their more illegal activities concern protection money, bodily injury, extortion, drug dealing, money-laundering, control of the red-light scene, making false documents, murder and contract murders.
A senior state prosecutor stated that there are 20 to 25 clans in Berlin of whom seven to eight are criminal. All areas of Berlin are affected as well as all German states. Each clan also has hundreds of members with most living from welfare.
“Their male members play a considerable roll in drug dealing and red-light criminality,” stated a state prosecutor. “However, there are also family members who are quiet that support the criminal structure.
Besides their usual areas of illegal activity, clans commit sometimes spectacular crimes. One was the theft of a 100 kg gold coin from a museum. Another was the breaking into of 100 safety deposit boxes.
After these crimes, it came up that a brother, who lived on welfare, of one of the criminals bought several condominiums. This caused police to begin “an intensive investigation.”
The police are helped by a new law introduced in Germany in July, 2017. According to this law, the clans must prove they acquired property and wealth legally instead of the other way around. The police can now seize property believed to have been illegally obtained. Many properties have since been seized by the state. In Italy, this has proven to be the most effective method to fight the mafia. But clan profits are also invested abroad.
Last March, the cities of Ludwigshafen and Mannheim also experienced large raids by about 600 police, tax and customs officials against Muslim criminal clans at 70 different places. There were also raids in the states of Hesse, Baden-Wurttemburg and Rhineland-Westphalia. These criminal clans, like many others in Germany, are suspected of having criminal connections around Germany, in other European countries and internationally.But the German newspaper Die Welt states that little is known about their international connections.
Germany Is Already Lost To Muslim Crime Clans
In the state of North Rhineland-Westphalia alone, police believe there are 108 criminal clans, who committed 14,225 crimes the last three years. Among them are 6,449 criminally suspect persons of whom 300 are responsible for about a third of the crimes. Every fifth suspect is also a woman, according to Die Welt. In the smaller North German city of Bremen live about 2,500 clan members who commit 900 crimes per year, about 3 per day.
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