Friday, December 20, 2019

2,500 Murder Arrests? New ICE Report Reveals Massive Illegal Alien Crime Wave

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ICE issued detainers on criminal aliens just this past year who were collectively charged with 2,500 murders! To put that in perspective, according to the FBI, law enforcement agencies only arrested 9,049 individuals in total for homicide in 2018. So 2,500 is roughly 28 percent of the known homicide offenders! It is the equivalent to the body count from 43 Las Vegas shootings, all committed by foreign nationals. Isn’t it time we provide more funding for ICE so we don’t continue to harbor other countries’ murderers?
The biggest headline from ICE’s comprehensive enforcement and removal operations report released yesterday was that the border surge diverted ICE operations to the point that interior arrests were down 10 percent. But there is a bigger headline embedded in the report that should disturb us all. It reveals a catastrophically huge problem of foreign criminals remaining indefinitely in the country to commit more crimes, many of whom are unknown or unsupervised. Where are Republicans fighting the issue of harboring other countries’ criminals? Where is the budget fight?
ICE’s annual enforcement report reveals that at the end of fiscal year 2019, there were 3,274,244 foreign nationals in the national docket of immigration proceedings who are officially under the supervision of ICE, but are not detained. That is an increase of 800,000 illegal aliens in just two years, and most of them committed other crimes while here.
For all the talk about ICE locking up people and record numbers in detention, only 50,000 are being detained. That means that 98.4 percent of illegal aliens who have been caught by ICE in recent years and have not yet been removed – again, mainly criminal aliens – and remain at large in the country. The same 5,000 ICE deportation officers – one-fourth the size of the NYPD – who are responsible for roughly 150,000 new arrests and 85,000 new removals a year must monitor these people as well, which include roughly 2.5 million with final or pending final removal orders.
To put that in plain English, it means that because our system has moved away from expedited removal to lawfare in the immigration courts, 3.2 million illegal aliens, over 80 percent of whom have likely committed additional crimes, remain at large in this country indefinitely with almost no supervision. That is a public security crisis of epic proportions that cuts to the core of why we have a federal government, yet Congress refuses to allocate the resources even for ICE to properly monitor, apprehend, and remove just the illegal aliens with criminal records. Over 80 percent of those arrested by ICE in recent years have criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, which means that the overwhelming majority of the 3.2 million (not to mention all the criminal aliens ICE never caught) remain a danger to the public.
In 2017, the DHS inspector general found that in some field offices there is only one agent per 10,000 released aliens. Worse, the report found that that “a heavy workload limited oversight of non-detained aliens in that geographic area that ICE had flagged as risks to national security.” Now, there are one million more on the docket.
Now take a look at the list of hundreds of thousands of charges and convictions against the illegal aliens ICE arrested this year.
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