Saturday, November 30, 2019

Will Justice for President Trump be Served in the DOJ Inspector General Report?

When solidarity and loyalty are more important than truth or justice.
Advance hints about the conclusions of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s investigation into the abuses of the FISA process are starting to trickle out. Rather than the “historic,” as Trump put it, bombshell exposing deep-state miscreants gaming the system to take down the president, the report, to be released December 9, will document mere “sloppiness” and “mistakes” on the part of lower-level functionaries. But more important, it also will absolve more highly placed officials of any political bias.
The 500-page report may not confirm this preview. Perhaps it will address what Andrew McCarthy identifies is the real question:
On four separate occasions, the FBI and the Justice Department solemnly told the FISC there were grounds to believe that Carter Page and others in the Trump campaign, potentially including Donald Trump himself, were complicit in a criminal conspiracy with the Kremlin. The question is: What was their compelling basis for making that explosive representation, which breached the American norm against government intrusion in our political process?
We’ll have to wait for the answer to that question.
But these leaks are grounds for suspicion. Back in June, Horowitz made a similar determination about James Comey––incompetent at following proper protocol, but not “politically biased.” Given that ample evidence of Comey’s political agenda had long been public, common sense suggests that those of us concerned about the politicization of our judicial and investigative agencies have some reason to worry about Horowitz’s new report.
Equal justice under the law is the bedrock of constitutional governments. This principle was serially violated during the Obama years, when those responsible for the abuse of the IRS for partisan political gain, and for the ATF’s Fast and Furious operation, which was basically running guns to Mexican cartels, were never punished, despite the death of an American citizen by a gun provided by the ATF. Then there’s Hillary Clinton’s ongoing immunity for patent crimes related to violating security protocols with her private server, and running a pay-to-play State Department to enrich the Clinton Foundation.
If more members of the Democrat managerial elite get away with crimes for which ordinary people would be prosecuted, confidence in that principle, and in our government’s commitment to our Constitutional rights, will erode further.
The problem, however, goes beyond political preferences and passions. What we are seeing is the fallout from the progressive idea, over a century old, that governing should remain in the hands of a technocratic elite housed in federal bureaucracies, and staffed by unaccountable functionaries who in the main are invisible to the sovereign people, never facing accountability through regularly scheduled elections and public audit. Such agencies develop a guild mentality that creates “professional deformation”: the shaping of activity to benefit the agency and its staff rather than serve the larger function it was created to perform. This in turn fosters guild solidarity and loyalty that are more important than truth or justice.
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