Thursday, November 21, 2019

President Trump May Hope Schiff's Impeachment Carnival Never Stops

Rep. Adam Schiff’s, D-Calif., impeachment carnival enters a new week with a gaggle of hearsay witnesses offering endless speculation and opinion about an imaginary “quid pro quo” of non-corruption corruption.
Like the title of Herman Wouk’s 1965 comedic farce, “Don’t Stop the Carnival,” President Trump may hope that the impeachment idiocy continues in perpetuity. Or at least until we are well into the presidential election season next year. It will all but guarantee his continued residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Schiff, who serves as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and Grand Poobah of the impeachment circus, is strikingly reminiscent of Wouk’s fictional main character, Norman Paperman. His hapless antics are the stuff of slapstick and buffoonery. If it can go wrong, it will. No one seems to take poor Norman seriously. Except Norman.
And so it is with Schiff. He is obsessed, strident, self-righteous, and so blindingly dissolute that he cannot seem to recognize the slow-motion collapse of his dream to remove Trump from office. If Americans are paying attention to his hearings, it is for the same reason we tend to watch video of buildings imploding. Or train wrecks. There is something inexplicably compelling about disasters in the making.
There is exactly zero chance that the president will be evicted by the Senate from the Oval Office. Yet, there is near certainty that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her carnival barker, Schiff, will marshal together their partisan forces to impeach Trump. After all, impeachment was preconceived and preordained the moment Trump was elected. All that was required was some pretext. Any excuse, however spurious, would do.
For the longest time, Democrats and the complicit Trump-hating media were convinced that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would deliver them from their imagined evil. They waited eagerly for 22 months, all the while convicting the president in the court of public opinion with phony accusations and unverified stories on an almost daily basis.
Never mind that there was never any credible evidence of a criminal “collusion” conspiracy hatched by Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the bowels of the Kremlin. The Russia “witch hunt” persisted untethered to reality until the very moment Mueller’s report confirmed that it was all a hoax. Democrats and the media were apoplectic with grief and disbelief. They still are.
Since then, the seek-and-destroy Trump cabal has worked sedulously to invent some other ruse or artifice to rid themselves of their political nemesis. The Ukraine “witch hunt” is the inevitable sequel, only twice as preposterous. The allegedly incriminating evidence is no evidence at all.
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