Sunday, November 24, 2019

More Americans killed by illegal alien DUI epidemic as open-borders shill Elizabeth Warren decries ‘traffic violence’

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Sunday was World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. No, I don’t have it marked on my calendar. I know this from the Democrat presidential front-runner Elizabeth Warren. But her anarchist policies would ensure there are thousands more American victims of drunk driving every year.
Yesterday, Warren tweeted about remembering victims of “traffic violence.”
Traffic violence kills thousands and injures even more Americans every year. On World Day of Remembrance for Traffic Crash Victims, I'm sending my love to the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones. It's time to #EndTrafficViolence.
— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) November 17, 2019
I commend her for recognizing the inherent danger and violence in people misusing several thousand pounds of steel at high speeds. Drunk and reckless driving is truly devastating, as drunk driving alone kills 11,000 people annually in the U.S., cutting down many in the prime of their lives.
What Warren failed to mention, however, is that her immigration and criminal justice policies will ensure that not only fewer American drunk drivers are deterred and punished, but that we will import and harbor ever more drunk drivers as well.
On Friday, I reported on two tragic DUI manslaughters that were allegedly committed by illegal aliens who had previous encounters with police and could have been removed, thereby making these homicides 100 percent preventable. One victim, Samuel W. Jackson of Norristown, Penn., was a Vietnam War veteran and was killed just hours before Veterans Day 2019. Here’s another tragedy from that very same day, November 10.
Hailey and Stephen Wagner, along with Ethan Michael Handly, 15, were traveling in a Dodge van driven by their grandma, Marjory Howell Wagner Regan, 65, in Smithfield, N.C., on Sunday. In an instant, the lives of Marjory and Ethan were brought to a violent end when an allegedly drunk-driving illegal alien travelling 90 mph hit their van from behind when it was stopped at a red light.
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