Saturday, October 19, 2019

Senate Republicans Are Not At All Worried About Impeachment

Senate Republicans do not appear to be concerned about House Democrats’ ongoing effort to impeach President Donald Trump, with many saying even if the House were to move forward with impeachment, that there is no way the Senate would vote to impeach the president.
The Daily Caller spoke with over ten GOP senators throughout the week, who all shared their views about House Democrats’ efforts to impeach the President. Not one senator was concerned about the impeachment process, saying they are most concerned about the Democrats’ ongoing attempts to impeach Trump based on no hard evidence.
“I have to tell you, I think the House is not going to send anything over because they’re refusing to take a vote,” Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn told the Daily Caller. “What we have to realize is before Donald Trump was sworn in, they started on impeachment, that was in 2016. They tried again in 17, 18, 19, and The Mueller report,” Blackburn continued.
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Republican Montana Sen. Steve Daines had a very similar message when asked by the Daily Caller about impeachment, saying “Democrats have been obsessed with impeachment since before President Trump was even sworn into office.”
Republican North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis told the Daily Caller that he is concerned, but only because there are no facts to push constantly for Trump’s impeachment. Tillis said nothing Democrats have on the President is enough to move to impeach him over.
“I’m more worried about the absence of facts to justify where they are to this point. Keep in mind they started the inquiry before they ever read the transcript. Two things that I’m aware of are the factual basis for the inquiry are the transcript and the whistleblower complaint, I think neither one of those rises to the level of activity that we see at this point,” Tillis said.
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When asked if he thinks the Senate would vote to impeach Trump, if the process continued to move forward, Tillis responded by saying, “very doubtful.”
“The majority can decide to do whatever they want to do over there. Whether they can make the case in the Senate, I’m not sure that would play well with the American people,” Republican North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr told the Daily Caller.
Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz said “it won’t succeed,” when asked about the impeachment process. When asked if he thinks the Senate could vote to impeach Trump, Cruz responded by saying “nope,” before getting in an elevator in the Capitol. The senior Texas senator, Republican John Cornyn, told the Daily caller that the process is “a complete kangaroo court” adding that “it is ridiculous.”
“Not on the basis of what we’ve seen so far. It seems absurd that they would go there,” Republican Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy said to the Daily Caller when asked about Democrats attempt to impeach Trump.
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