Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Jailbreak + sanctuaries = Disaster: NYC releases illegal alien child molester repeatedly

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Pro-criminal alien policies and general jailbreak, aka weak-on-crime policies, are converging in America’s major cities to create the greatest public safety threat of our time. Big city governments are refusing to turn illegal aliens over to federal immigration authorities, even with child sex charges or convictions. Likewise, many violent criminals – American or alien – are being released on low bond pretrial, and many barely serve time even after being convicted. The latest example is the case of Grachowe Harrichand in New York City.
On March 6, 2019, Harrichand was arrested by the NYPD and booked on multiple charges of sexual assault against a minor, acting in manner to injure a child less than 17 years old, and aggravated harassment. Harrichand happened to also be an illegal alien from Guyana who was previously ordered deported, according to ICE. “On June 3, Harrichand pleaded guilty to Act In Manner Injure Child, and was sentenced to six months in custody,” wrote ICE in a press release. “The detainer was not honored and Harrichand was released from the custody of the New York City Department of Correction (NYCDOC).”
This is a classic example of how even the worst criminals barely serve any time, and prosecutors are forced to take plea agreements. This would be bad enough if it were only the many American violent criminals who are let out of prison after serving just a few months behind bars. But given that Harrichand is an illegal alien – with a previous order of deportation no less – he should have been turned over to ICE for removal so at least there is one less child molester on the streets of New York.
Well, given the recidivist nature of child sex offenders, it’s no surprise that Harrichand was arrested by the NYPD just days later on July 5 on new charges of sexually assaulting a minor. At this point, you probably expect that even a sanctuary city would either finally lock up this repeat violent offender on a steep pretrial bond or, at the very least, would honor an ICE detainer. Tragically, there is no floor to the moral depravity of both pro-criminal alien and pro-criminal policies in general. Harrichand was later released pending the trial without any notification to ICE, much less a fulfillment of the detainer request. Harrichand was once again released on the streets.
It wasn’t until October 9 that ICE deportation officers arrested him in South Richmond Hill, New York. Imagine if we didn’t have ICE going after criminal aliens. Even the worst repeat child sex offenders would still be on the streets, and indeed, some of them are still at large.
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