Wednesday, October 9, 2019

It’s not just Central America. ILLEGALS are coming from all over the world

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If we admit 1.1 million legal immigrants from all corners of the world, should we then have to be on the hook for illegal immigration from all corners of the world? Evidently yes, according to open-borders politicians.
If you add up the population of every country with a lower GDP than that of Guatemala (about 88 of them), along with other countries that are experiencing a myriad of unpleasant living conditions, it would easily add up to a few billion people. Yet, unless we end our open-borders policies, those are exactly the people who will begin coming, even after Trump successfully worked out diplomatic agreements with the northern triangle countries to stem the flow of the main migration.
The cardinal mistake of our border policies of the past is that we have always played catch-up by being reactive to the previous crisis instead of anticipating the one around the corner. Thus, once we finally got a handle on illegal immigration from Mexico, the northern triangle migration was already upon us. Now that it appears the Central American migration might finally be in check, rather than diverting attention away from the border, the Trump administration must look around the corner to the next shoes to drop, from all over the globe. He must not repeat the same mistake of early 2017, thinking that the tough perception would deter everyone until all the policies are actually implemented.
According to final fiscal year 2019 data given to CR by a border agent who must remain anonymous because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the numbers have shot up from other countries around the globe, even as the numbers from Central American decline. Here is a breakdown of some of the biggest increases:
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