Monday, September 30, 2019

Shockingly dyslexic immigration priorities of the political class, including Republicans, are on display this week

At a time when our country is flooded with illegal aliens, schools are becoming mini-United Nations with American towns paying for its cost, dangerous criminal aliens are running rampant, cartels control our border, almost every major city is harboring illegal alien murderers and sex offenders, and legal immigration is more expansive and dysfunctional than ever, what part of this issue do elite Republicans feel passionate about? Are they rushing bills to the floor to deal with sanctuary cities and illegal alien drunk drivers or the cost of thousands of Central Americans being foisted upon small town schools? Nope … They are blocking border security, denying there is an emergency, and seeking to give visa pork handouts to the big tech special interest groups that broke our system.
A yearlong unprecedented illegal immigration crisis has not prompted a single piece of legislation from Republicans. Yet, the minute the left-wing Silicon Valley companies come a callin’, Republicans join Democrats by ramming through a major complex change to an already-dysfunctional visa system without holding any hearings on its consequences.
Everyone knows what our immigration system should look like. It should only be high skilled – real high skilled – based on a merit points system, not just for education, but also for patriotic assimilation. Then, once they are here, they should be free to work anywhere. Instead, we have a system that is mainly unskilled chain migration with the “skilled” portion of it being monopolized by visa pork to specific corporations for workers who aren’t even that high skilled, mainly entry-level IT jobs for tech companies. The bill that was rushed through the House and is now being slammed on the floor of the Senate without a hearing simply exacerbates this system.
On July 10, the Democrat-controlled House passed HR 1044, the Orwellian-named “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019,” which abolished the per-country annual cap on employment-based green cards. Less than one-third of Republicans opposed the legislation. The bill does the opposite of fairness because the existing broken H-1B non-immigrant visa program is monopolized by not very high skilled Indian workers, and those would be the people flooding the green cards for the next 10 years. USCIS estimates that if this bill is enacted, Indian workers will control 90% of all employment-based green cards for the next 10 years.
Thus, at a time when we need a reset bottom to craft a system giving green cards to the most highly skilled people throughout the world (while eliminating almost all other immigration), this bill steps on the gas pedal to shunt through the existing lower-skilled people from one particular country to gobble up all the green cards. In turn, this will allow the same Silicon Valley companies to then refill the existing pipeline of H1-B, OPT, and other similar categories, many of them uncapped, with the same people from the same countries going to the same corporations.
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