Saturday, September 7, 2019

Harry Reid: Only a Democratic president can issue a proper executive order

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said executive orders can only be executed properly and appropriately when a Democrat occupies the White House.
“We need a Democratic president for a number of reasons," the Nevada Democrat said Wednesday during a conference call with reporters about climate change-related issues.
"We've learned over the last few years from trying to govern the country by executive order that there's a lot that can be done legally with executive order,” Reid said, a reference to President Trump's unilateral moves on immigration, climate, deregulation generally, and other issues. “Only the Democratic president can get that done."
Reid then added he preferred to craft public policy through the legislative process, all of which he said he hopes will be in Democratic hands after the 2020 elections including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi staying in her post.
"With a Democratic president, Democratic Senate, and with Nancy Pelosi, the great leader she is, I look forward to wonderful things happening.”
The last Democratic president, Barack Obama, issued executive orders fairly aggressively, particularly after the House fell into Republican hands in the 2010 elections, and the Senate four years later.
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Anonymous said...

Such a bunch of bullshit. The democrats are a corrupt organization if it were up to me the Democratic Party would never exist again.