Monday, September 2, 2019

Failing to Use Required DNA Technology to Identify Criminal Aliens

DHS malfeasance undermines national security and public safety.
The pace at which events occur often makes it all but impossible to keep pace. This is particularly true where the multi-faceted immigration crisis is concerned.
While much attention is paid to the abject lack of security of the U.S./Mexican border, there are many other failings of the immigration system that often go unreported and ignored by the mainstream media and our politicians. I have repeatedly noted that while I am a firm supporter of the need to construct an effective wall/barrier along the southern border, there are many other elements of the immigration system that are no less important. I have therefore come to compare the wall along the border with a wing on an airplane. Without its wing an airplane won’t fly, however, a wing by itself goes nowhere.
On Wednesday August 21, I was invited by the producers at Fox News’ Fox & Friends First to participate in an interview to discuss a just-posted Fox News report, Watchdog Alerts President Trump That Border Agency Violated DNA Collection Law For Years, Letting Violent Criminals Walk Free.
That troubling report included the following excerpt:
In a scathing letter to Trump, exclusively obtained by Fox News, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) said CBP's "noncompliance with the law has allowed subjects subsequently accused of violent crimes, including homicide and sexual assault, to elude detection even when detained multiple times by CBP or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)."
The OSC told the White House that it was taking the "strongest possible step" to "rebuke the agency's failure to comply with the law," as well as its "unreasonable" attempts to defend its own conduct.
Under the law, CBP was required to collect DNA from individuals in its custody, to be run against FBI violent-crimes databases. The procedure is separate from DNA collection designed to establish familial relationships among migrants at the border.
Aliens who were released by this demonstration of nonfeasance and, indeed, malfeasance, have committed more violent crimes, thereby claiming more innocent victims.
Read the rest from Michael Cutler HERE.

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