Saturday, August 31, 2019

What Exactly Does the West Owe to Muslim Migrants?

Sky News ran an orgy of lamentation on Wednesday entitled: “Children ‘robbed of childhood’ as families housed in converted shipping containers and offices.” In it, we learn that Muslim migrants in Britain are suffering from substandard housing, and of course it’s all Britain’s fault. It was an enlightening look not at the cruelty of British authorities, but at the disastrously degenerated state of British journalism.
Sky News tells us that Lulu Abubaker and her family “live in a former shipping container in Ealing. She says that it is not fit for humans to live in. Thousands of children are being ‘robbed’ of a decent childhood by growing up in converted shipping containers and office blocks, say campaigners.”
In an accompanying video, Abubaker says of her converted shipping container home: “Coming here is just a mental torture. It is a prison. This is wrong. This is wrong. What they’re doing to people is wrong. Trust me, it is not the right thing to do. Because how can it be a home and you can’t even live like home. Three kids are sleeping in one tiny room, I can show it to you. Me and my baby, we sleep in there. This place is just ridiculous place they could ever offer to anybody. This is a place for animals. Not for human beings. Because human beings deserve to be in a home. This is a container. It is where people keep their storage. We are not animals, we are not storage.”
Mind you, Lulu Abubaker didn’t pay for a house and get a shipping container instead. She didn’t pay anything at all. Her lodgings are being provided for free, courtesy of the British taxpayer. Sky News explains that “the steel containers, which have a kitchenette, shower room and bedroom, become home for people who may otherwise be in B&Bs or other interim housing.” That doesn’t sound all that bad for temporary lodging, and there is one discordant note in this lengthy weeper about these supposedly inhuman conditions that Muslim migrant welfare recipients are being forced to endure in Britain: “She even said it was worse than when she lived in a ‘normal house’ in Eritrea and Sudan.”
Read the rest from Robert Spencer HERE.

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