Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Trump Administration Aims to Finally END Catch-and-Release in Game-Changing Regulation

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The entire mass migration to our border and all its cascading ill effects can be traced to one thing: the Flores settlement’s expansion from children to family units by a single district judge. Flores is not a constitutional provision, a statute, or even a court ruling. It is a court settlement, designed as a temporary arrangement, that actually runs contrary to statute and has been used as a catalyst to undermine every bedrock law of sovereignty. After a full year of dithering, the Trump administration is finally using its unquestionable power to modify the settlement to finally end catch-and-release.
The Flores settlement, originally agreed upon in 1997 and modified in 2001, provided that government would only house alien children in “non-secure, state licensed” facilities or release them expeditiously until and unless the federal government writes a regulation to build its own licensing scheme ensuring the safe and sanitary conditions of the facilities. Given that there are no such state-licensed facilities, and the feds, until now, have not created their own scheme, it forced them to release unaccompanied minors expeditiously. In 2015, a California judge applied Flores to children accompanied by a parent as well, an order that was upheld by the Ninth Circuit the following year.
Flores is the source of all our border problems
It’s truly difficult to overstate the evil that expanded Flores has done to our security, our fiscal solvency, and Latin American children. By creating a huge market incentive to exploit children for mass migration by adults, it has:
  • Brought over 1 million Central Americans to our border over the past two years, saddling Americans with the cost of caring for them. 
  • Fueled the growth of MS-13 and other violent groups that grew as a result of young Central American teens coming under such irresponsible circumstances. 
  • Caused countless children to be raped and abused by cartels and smugglers. 
Indeed, even if the wave were to end today, we will likely be seeing the effects of the crime wave and fiscal cost for years to come
Under Flores, Trump has the power to terminate the settlement with a new regulation ---> 
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