Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Dangerous Invective Against President Trump

Joshua Roberts/Reuters
The continued litany of threats to physically assault or kill a president will haunt the country long after Trump is gone.
Former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden has bragged on two occasions that he would like to beat up President Donald Trump.
In March 2018, Biden huffed, “They asked me would I like to debate this gentleman, and I said no. I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’”
Biden’s tough-guy braggadocio was apparently no slip. A year later, he doubled down on his physical threats.
“The idea that I’d be intimidated by Donald Trump? . . . He’s the bully that I’ve always stood up to. He’s the bully that used to make fun when I was a kid that I stutter, and I’d smack him in the mouth.”
Had former vice president Dick Cheney ever dared to say something similar of President Obama, what would the media reaction have been?
Recently, Senator Corey Booker (D., N.J.), another presidential candidate, took up where Biden left off:
“Trump is a guy who you understand he hurts you, and my testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly, out-of-shape man that he is if I did that. This physically weak specimen.”
One trait of the Democratic field of presidential candidates is always to sound further to the left than any of their primary rivals. Apparently, a similar habit is to see who can most effectively imagine beating up the president. For now, Booker seems to be in first place.
The current candidates are just channeling three years of sick showboating by Hollywood celebrities.
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